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  • Almost a third of Catholic hospitals are located in rural areas.

The Catholic Bishops are at it again!

They’ve launched a new “religious liberty” campaign
demanding increased government protections
for their “rights” to:

  • Deny contraceptive coverage for employees of Catholic hospitals,
    colleges and social services agencies;
  • Refuse to recognize gay marriages and civil unions when
    operating government-funded adoption and foster care programs;
  • Refuse to refer victims of sex trafficking for reproductive health care,
    such as emergency contraception and abortions. Remember, these are
    women who have been raped and forced into prostitution by their captors.

This year, more than ever,
the MergerWatch Project needs your support
to protect patients’ rights and access to care!

We’ve been fighting for your health care rights for years as Catholic Bishops try to eliminate reproductive health care and end-of-life choices at secular hospitals merging with Catholic facilities.

We know how to fight back:

  • We helped residents and physicians in rural Sierra Vista, AZ, undo their only hospital’s affiliation with a Catholic health system.  Contraceptive services and tubal ligations have been restored, and pregnant women no longer have to fear being sent 80 miles away for treatment of miscarriages.
  • We were there when a new hospital-within-a-hospital was opened in Troy, NY, to provide sterilizations and contraception services that are becoming banned within the rest of the hospital as it merges with a Catholic system.
  • We are hard at work fighting threats to patients’ rights from proposed religious/secular hospital mergers in Washington State; Orange County, CA and Akron, OH.

We are also fighting the Bishops’ demands for broadened “refusal rights” to deny contraceptive coverage to their employees.

We are exposing the Bishops' attempts to argue that emergency contraception is abortion, not contraception.

This year, we need your support to fight back against the Bishops’ “religious liberty” campaign.

Please help us protect YOUR liberty
and rights as a patient!

Support Us This Year

The link above will take you to the Network for Good site where 
Community Catalyst, our fiscal sponsor, collects donations.
Please designate your donation to “MergerWatch.” Thank you!