MergerWatch 15th Anniversary Video Collection

Produced and directed by independent filmmaker Jacki Ochs, this film explains how real patients and their physicians are negatively affected by mergers of secular and religiously-sponsored hospitals in which the secular institution takes on religious restrictions. Three hospital merger cases are featured to explain the issues and demonstrate how we work with local advocates to bring about the best possible solution for preserving local access to reproductive health services. The film features interviews with leading women’s health advocates and supporters, who stress the significance of this threat to reproductive health care access and rights and the importance of the work MergerWatch does to minimize the negative consequences for patients and their health care providers.

UPDATE: After the film was completed, the two hospitals featured in the Kingston, NY case have agreed to merge into a single facility under a secular banner, making the need for the Foxhall Ambulatory Surgery Center obsolete.

Funding for this film was provided by the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation.